Pen Case Review: Visconti Dreamtouch 3-Pen Leather Case

I ordered the Visconti Dreamtouch case from La Couronne du Comte in the Netherlands. Great shop with superb customer service. Would definitely order from them again. Everything was well-packaged, and I received my order in just over a week.

Design (4.5/5):

I ordered the Visconti Dreamtouch case because I wanted a durable leather case that would fit some of my larger pens. The case is made of a soft, high-quality leather that is molded in the form of a rectangular box. The leather appears to be wrapped around a hard plastic or cardboard skeleton that helps maintain the rigid structure of the box while giving it a soft and luxurious feel.

ViscontiVisconti 1

The case opens with a zippered flap to reveal an internal compartment lined with black velvet. There are 2 internal dividers that run the entire length of the case, and the compartments are wide enough to fit some of my largest pens, with room to spare–it currently houses my Edison Collier, Pilot Custom 823, and TWSBI Vac 700R. That being said, I’d hesitate putting smaller or thinner pens in the case because there are no internal straps preventing the pens from rattling around. Larger pens, such as the Edison Collier and those in Visconti’s line-up, work best, as they are big enough to fill the slots while avoiding excessive rattling.

Visconti 7

Above: (from left to right) Edison Collier, Pilot Custom 823, TWSBI Vac 700R

My only concern–albeit a small one–is that the pens in the 2 side slots are exposed to the zippered enclosure, which could potentially cause some scratching on those pens, especially when opening and closing the case. So far though, I haven’t seen any scratching.

Visconti 5

Fit & Finish (5/5):

The look and feel of Visconti’s “Dreamtoch” leather is stunning, and the stitching throughout the case is very well done. Actually, the only place where I can envision any potential damage occurring is in the zipper mechanism–which could potentially break, pop open, or get stuck–but so far it functions smoothly and feels durable enough. I’ve used some cheap zippers in my day, and these appear to be of high-quality.

Visconti 2Visconti 3Visconti 4

Overall, no complaints. Perfectly constructed case that I imagine will last for many years.

Overal Impression (9.5/10):

I really like this case, although I admit that it’s pretty expensive for what is essentially a small leather box (I can find some leather bags and briefcases for around the same price…). I recommend this only if you’re looking for an attractive, luxurious case for your larger, expensive pens. I wanted a high-quality, leather case that would comfortably fit my Collier-sized pens, and this case does that.


  • Attractive, luxurious case
  • High-quality leather (or at least feels high quality)
  • Soft velvet internal lining
  • Fits large pens
  • Hard internal shell offers crush protection


  • Expensive (MSRP of $95)
  • Pens will rattle around (especially smaller pens)

*Photos shot and edited on iPhone 6.

Length: 163 mm
Width: 75 mm
Depth: 25 mm


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