Ink Review: Monteverde Olivine

Monteverde recently released a line of gemstone-inspired inks with the “latest European ink-treatment formula”–aka ITF Technology–meant to improve ink-flow, lubrication, and drying time and also help protect the feed from corrosion. I love a good olive green, so I purchased a 90 ml bottle of Olivine to test out these improved features ($15 from

olivine 1olivine 2olivine 3

Color (5/5):

I love this color! Olivine is a true olive green–imagine Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun but with slightly less yellow and a higher ratio of dark green. There’s beautiful shading that makes for a fascinating color in wetter pens. It also has great “read-back” (not too vibrant / it’s easy on the eyes), but is still vibrant enough to make for an interesting color.

olivine 4olivine 6olivine 7

Performance (5/5):

Based on a sample size of one, I can say that Monteverde’s ITF-technology is the real deal. Olivine does everything that Monteverde claims–it has great ink-flow, is well-lubricated, and does not dry out as quickly as some of my other inks when sitting out in an uncapped pen. Works great in all different nib-sizes (though is noticeably better in broader nibs). Overall, a great performer.

olivine 9 copy

Overall Score (10/10):

So far, Olivine has been one of the best performing inks in my collection, and I absolutely love the color. 10 out of 10.

*Photos shot and edited on iPhone 6

olivine 5


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