Ink Review: Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris

I picked up a bottle of Rohrer & Klingner Verdigris from the Vanness Pens table at the 2017 Baltimore-Washington Pen Show. I love Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun, so wanted to check out a few more inks from the company. R&K inks come in 50ml glass bottles–nothing fancy, but practical and easy to fill from–and can be usually purchased for around $11 to $12.

Verdigris 6

Color (5/5):

I admit that when I first tried Verdigris, I wasn’t blown away–it looked like a simple dark blue/blue-black ink, very similar to Diamine Blue-Black, but not as dark. But after using it in a few pens, I’ve grown to love it.

Verdigris is a dark-blue that exhibits slight hints of green and teal in wetter and broader nibs. Which is perfect given that “verdigris” is the name for the green-blue patina that you often find on really old copper pennies. Overall, it’s a bit of a darker blue than what you’ll find in actual verdigris, but nonetheless invokes the image. It also has a awesome reddish copper sheen, especially on Tomoe River paper (which is what I use in the writing samples).

Verdigris 1 copy

Performance (4/5):

Verdigris performs well in most of my pens, but really shines in stubs and broads. I find that it runs just a tiny bit on the dry side, so is more suited for wetter pens. For a saturated ink though, it’s relatively easy to clean and should be safe to use in a wide range of pens.

Overall Score (9/10):

Overall, Verdigris is a fascinating dark blue-black-teal ink. If you’re looking for a blue-black with some sheen that’s appropriate for the workplace, I highly recommend grabbing a bottle.

*Photos shot and edited on iPhone 6

Verdigris 5

Verdigris 4

Verdigris 2

Verdigris 3


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